Git - Reset Demystified
How to reset, revert, and return to previous states in Git
 · The git reset command also includes options to update the other parts of your local environment with the contents of the commit where you end up.These options include: hard to reset the commit being pointed to in the repository, populate the working directory with the contents of the commit, and reset the staging area; soft to only reset …
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To review, git reset is a powerful command that is used to undo local changes to the state of a Git repo. Git reset operates on “The Three Trees of Git”. These trees are the Commit History (HEAD), the Staging Index, and the Working Directory. There are three

Reset submodule to checkout state in git
$ git status On branch master Your branch is up to date with ‘origin/master’. nothing to commit, working tree clean If there are multiple submodules and want to reset all submodules state to checkout state, can run below command. git submodule foreach
Git - Reset Demystified
Help: Reset GIT branch to a specific commit
“Reset GIT branch to a specific commit” is the first topic we would like to address in the Help section. Since many of us find ourselves in a situation when we want to reset the master branch to a specific commit of the master- or some other branch, we’ll take some time to write a short guide on how this can be done in a few steps.
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Quick hack: git reset upstream
Working with a git based project that has a defacto upstream repository means that you perioducally want to fetch the canonical master branch. This can be simplified with a .gitconfig alias. [email protected] ~/work/libdrm $ git ru remote: Counting objects: 234
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git reset -hard origin/BRANCH-NAME Git command to reset the codebase to last working commit — Image by author 12) Merge local repository with the remote repository This is where the magic happens. When we are working on software, we usually maintain
Git - Reset Demystified
How to Delete Local/Remote Git Branches
First, use the git branch -a command to display all branches (both local and remote). Next, you can delete the local branch, using the git branch -d command, followed by the name of the branch you want to delete. $ git branch -a # *master # b1 # remote/origin
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Say that we actually didn’t want to merge the origin branch. When we execute the git reflog command, we see that the state of the repo before the merge is at [email protected]{1}. Let’s perform a git reset to point HEAD back to where it was on [email protected]{1}! We can see!
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How can I tell a local branch to track a remote branch? …

$ git checkout –track origin/dev Branch dev set up to track remote branch dev from origin. Switched to a new branch ‘dev’ This creates a new local branch with the same name as the remote one – and directly establishes a tracking connection between the two.
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You can fetch all branches from all remotes like this: git fetch –all It’s basically a power move. fetch updates local copies of remote branches so this is always safe for your local branches BUT: fetch will not update local branches (which track remote branches); if you want to update your local branches you still need to pull every branch.
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Reset local repository to be just like remote repository …

Reset local repository to be just like remote repository HEAD – gist:44419227ae5eac116ace Setting your branch to exactly match the remote branch can be done in two steps: git fetch origin git reset –hard origin/master If you want to save your current branch’s state
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Learn Git
git push origin :new–branch From the output we see that the branch was deleted and we also see it was removed on GitHub. This is a bit of syntactic sugar, but if we think about it we didn’t specify a local branch name. Or, said another way, we pushed nothing to

Deleting a git commit
git reset –hard b3d92c5 Reset master to last usable commit. git merge repair Merge our new branch onto master. git push –hard origin master Push master to the remote repo. Final note
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Dangit, Git!?!

Dangit, Git!?! Git is hard: messing up is easy, and figuring out how to fix your mistakes is impossible. Git documentation has this chicken and egg problem where you can’t search for how to get yourself out of a mess, unless you already know the name of the thing you need to know about in …
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git reset remote
git reset –hard git push -f origin master Here assuming origin as your remote and master as your branch. However, you should avoid doing this if anyone else is working with your remote repository and has pulled your changes. In that case, it